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IIPAD’s Organizational Development Services

IIPAD’s Organizational Development (OD) Consultancy Services is a system-wide planned development & reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, staffing & systems with the objective of leveraging IIPAD’s clients organizational effectiveness and Excellency.

This is presented to IIPAD’s Clients in the form of ‘all inclusive’ kits including all the business indicators, work instructions, job aids, and tools. These kits are developed after extensive consultations between the Client and IIPAD using IIPAD’s gap analysis tools.

IIPAD’s Training Services

IIPAD’s Learning Style & Methods:-

Nowadays, training is more about coaching people rather than giving them a list of “Do & Do Not’s”, lectured based training have often look an academic based approach to various subjects, but today, IIPAD present a different methodology to achieve better results whether in training services or in Experiential Learning

The design of IIPAD programs and workshops are built on the principles of adult learning, and suited to match different learning styles.

All IIPAD programs are based on the active learning concept “Learn by doing”, which is acquired through various methods of interaction and ongoing feedback i.e.

  • Questions and answers.
  • Group discussions.
  • Pair & Group Activities.
  • Role Plays.
  • Case Studies.
  • Knowledge evaluation at end of each module.
  • Reflection.

What Makes Us special

  • Specialized programs, New training Methodologies to provide the strength needed to continue on the path of positive, sustainable change to meet the market needs
  • Qualified trainers and local, regional and international expertise.
  • Training facilities and specialized laboratories equipped with the latest modern training techniques.
  • New and effective training and education methodologies.
  • Our partners from training centers and global training companies.
  • Practical and cooperative joint training with local training companies